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Fashion is rapidly growing in between young (modern) generation. Girls are crazy about their personality and looks. They are beautiful and therefore, they need a lovely tattoo on their bodies.

Some girls go for a simple tattoo design, especially if they have never had one. Since tattoos will remain permanently on the body, they must be very important to the person who will wear that design of a tattoo.

Many girls like small tattoos since they are easy to hide and also very cute. However, some girls are creative; they look for those types of tattoo designs that have some special message.

Placement of tattoos can be done depending on different tattoo designs. A wrist is the best part of the body for girls to put a small and beautiful tattoo design.

Tattoos for girls are gorgeous and amazing. They are available in different categories and designs that relates to many things and offer a special meaning using symbols.

There are several tattoos for girls and they can put those designs on parts of the body like inner arms, thigh, inner biceps, neck, shoulder, back, and the leg. Here are the top five lovely tattoo designs for girls:

1. Floral Designs

Most of the girls have floral designs tattoos since different flowers have different meanings. For example, Hibiscus flower shows delicate beauty and seizing the moment of joy while chrysanthemum is a symbol of full perfection.

Floral designs may actually differ in appearance, but will fit every part of your body. You should choose between grey and black color to get the best floral design that suits you.

2. Butterflies

These are the most common designs of tattoos worn by majority of girls. It was previously referred to as the Tramp Stamp, but recently they are no longer considered to have that meaning. Butterfly tattoos are considered as symbols of love and beauty.

Hip is one of the best places to put a butterfly tattoo. You can obtain either one or two equal butterflies on each hip because they will be seen when you are in a swimming suit or underwear, which really looks nice.

It is highly encouraged to choose a full color rather than grey and black for butterfly tattoos. This means you will obtain all the magnificent colors, which enhances the beauty of butterflies.

3. Fairies

Every young girl must have believed in fairies and even wanted to be one of them. Some girls maintain this wish even when they are mature. Whether you still believe in fairies or not, this is the best tattoo for girls or women.

Fairies could either be mythical creatures, which represent human desires or a symbol of well-known modern culture (like Tinkerbell). 

Fairies are not only considered as a source of inspiration for many poets and artists, but also known to be a symbol for those people who need to maintain their inner childhood for a long period. 

They are beautiful, free and magical and these attributes make this design of tattoo very popular.

4. Cherry Blossom

This is one of the most famous tattoo designs among girls. Cherry blossoms are extremely feminine and beautiful tattoo designs. The most suitable places for these tattoos are ribs, back, ankles and wrists. 

They are always done in different colors apart from grey and black since they have wonderful pink shade, which looks awesome on the girls’ skin.

In Japanese culture, the cherry blossom represents a symbol of life, while in Chinese culture it stands for feminine principal, sexuality, love and beauty.

5. Hearts

The heart tattoo is one of the greatest tattoos for girls. They can be done on different parts of the body using different techniques. They are known to carry one special meaning of love.

One of the most popular and traditional tattoo designs is a red heart with a name and ribbon. This is not advisable since adding someone's name on the tattoo may frustrate you in future. No one knows what might happen in future!

However, heart tattoo could be a very cute design when done in color (heart tattoo design should have red color).


No matter the tattoo design you choose, ensure that you are comfortable with its meaning and appearance. Look for the best artist and share your thought concerning your tattoo design. 

Remember, this is something that will remain permanent on your skin and therefore, make a wise decision.

-Timothy B. Miller 



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