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  How To Tune a Tattoo Machine

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"Picking Your Tattoo Design" 

Choose a tattoo that fits your personality, something you can handle loo
king at for the rest of your life. Or a statement you want to make to the whole world to see that you are proud of.

Remember->Tattoos last forever!

Discuss size and color with the artist that you choose.

Carefully consider picking an offensive design, who knows it may
comeback to haunt you in the 
long run and you don't want that.

Don't look at the tattoo as a "trendy fashion statement", but instead as a long term investment

Don't let alcohol, drugs or friends influence your decision. 
That is a big mistake for many.

Choose the spot carefully. Hands, face and neck are seen by everyone. If your tattoo is visible to others, people might not look past the tattoo at "the real you". Different areas on the body have different amounts of pain. 

Discover all you can about tattoos before actually getting inked. Good Luck And DoTattoos!









The GREAT tattoo work above & below down to the red Indian was done by: 
Dinu Dragos Ioan from Romania  
He is looking to get a job in Europe so any tattoo parlors take notice!
You can reach Dragos at

Henna Tats

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How To Be A Tattoo Artist 4 Beginners +
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Tattoo Supplies

  How To Tune a Tattoo Machine

Top 2 Sites For Tattoo Designs


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