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Hundreds of Kanji Tattoo Signs, Sketches, Drawings, & Meanings For Your Japanese-Chinese Style Tattoo 
Designs All In One Guide...


Discover hundreds of Kanji Tattoo designs more then you can shack a stick at. 

Over 75 pages of Kanji tattoos. Inside you'll find...

Kanji Tattoo Signs In Alphabetical Order

Plus Categories in Animals, Horoscope, Military, And Much More 

Info About Kanji On The Web

Sketches Mixed Color, Black and White 



Kanji tattoos

Here's are some examples of a few pages...








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       "Very Well Put Together and Easy To Read"

Hi Tim, 

Thanks for the e book, Very well put together and easy to read, excellent
information on kanji history and how it relates to modern words, really like the
color parts as it gives an insight how to use in context with pictures, would
recommend to all as a good reference guide ,in picking the right kanji for the 
right job, thanks again!
Rex Foxall  Brisbane, Australia.


   "Definitely Check This Out!"  

Hey Tim,
I thought Kanji designs were all beautifully laid out and along with some
insightful tips it gave you a vast look into the art form. For anyone interested
in Kanji should definitely check this out!

  Gabriel Ashley
  Gallup, New Mexico       


         "I Love Your New eBook"    

Hi Tim,

I love your new eBook.  
I love how you put the years of the Chinese astrology.
Michelle Hurst Borden, IN                             



                             "Very Insightful and Useful"          


I just had the chance to view you Kanji Ebook. I found it to be very
insightful, and useful.  I get a lot of customers that are interested in
Kanji and its nice to have an understanding of its history and meaning.
Thanks very much, your efforts are very appreciated.

Scott Luther
Charlotte, NC     


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 "100's of Flash Tattoo Designs 
& More"

Quickly and easily, there is a way to make finding a tattoo style easier for folks just like you. It's taken lots of research and many hours to put together but it was all worth it in the end!

  • Hundred and One pages long. 

  • PDF file can be viewed on PC and Macintosh.

  • The quickest and easiest way to find all kinds of styles

  • Lots of Tribal Designs to pick from 

  • Lots of Celtic Designs to pick from 

  • Cartoon Designs 

  • Traditional Designs 

  • How to get Native American Designs 

  • Animal Designs 

  • Oriental Designs

  • Black And White Designs

  • Butterflies Designs

  • Sun Tattoo Designs

  • Extra Flash Designs in all categories

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  • Look sexier than ever

  • Be Coolest Cat On The Block

Almost anything you can think of is included in this eBook.  If you are a studio owner, or just someone looking for some inspiration - this eBook has exactly what you are looking for. The designs can be browsed on the eBook or printed to 8" X 11".

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                "Informative and In-Depth 
                     Over The History"       

The e-book was very informative and in-depth over the history
and understanding of Kanji and how it started. The Images were
beautiful, and the Kanji layouts were great too! 
Whenever I decide to get one that will be my reference for sure.

One question though that I was wondering, is it true or not that a small
slip in width or curvature with one of the strokes in Kanji can mess up
the enitre meaning of it? Just curiouse, thanks again.
Jolene Adams
Bolivar, Mo 



"I Really Like The Sketches"

Hi Tim,

I really like the sketches of kanji with dragons and Chinese women. Also like all the kanji plus it came with its meaning, can't find something like that nowhere...   

Jamie Lemus 
Carmel, New York


                      "Sketches Are Really Cool"

Hey Tim,
I looked at the eBook. It was really good. 
The meanings are really helpful plus the sketches are really cool. 
I like it.  
Lots of helpful things.
Jen Taylor Lightstreet, Pennsylvania

This package comes in a zip file with pdf files, the pdf files can be viewed on pc and mac. 


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                                    "One of The Better"   

I  must say that is was one of the better ebook compilations
I have seen
up to this date. 

Though you tend to find variations in designs, this
book seems to be pretty consistent with my collection. 

I would defiantly recommend this ebook to anyone. 
Thanks for sharing it with me, and good luck. 

 -Taz  (Tony Weakley, The Body Shop Tattoos, Marshall Michigan)                 

Be Cool and DoTattoos,

-Tim B. Miller
Tattoo Enthusiast

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                         "It Is Out Of This World"

Hello Tim,  
I took a good, slow look at all of the e-book you sent me.  
It is out of this world, every shop should have one for the use of all the 
customers.  People are always looking for kanji designs to place on their 
body and this is the ONE bro!!!! Your friend is truly talented and a true 
genius with this e-book, I love every bit of it!
Rara Peacock Sr.
Penasco, N.M.


                     "Gives The Exact Words"

Dear Tim,

To be honest with you this the first time that I saw a Kanji tattoo book in
my life, and also this book gives the exact words that most people are
looking for in Kanji. But personally I like pictures than letters. But as a
tattoo artist you should be able to satisfy all kind of tat lovers and this
new Ebook does it.



                        "The Information Was Great"

Hey Tim,
The information was great...I enjoyed learning more about what the symbols
Ray Vega , Albuquerque, New Mexico

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