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"Discover How You Can Find The Quickest And Easiest Way For Many Tattoo Designs Saving You Time And Money"


"Lots Of Tattoo Images"

Dear Tim,

I just like to say that your eBook Rocks!  Lots of tattoo images to pick from. I thought it was entertaining just to look through it all. I really like the Butterflies and Sun Tattoo section.  I went with the rainbow butterfly top right on page 73.  

Thanks Tim                                       
Riza Holganza,  Lakewood New Jersey

Friday 9:30 am

From: Tim B. Miller

Re: Tattoo Designs

Dear Tattoo Enthusiast,

Tattoos have been something of a symbol of individualism and personality trait. Where it separates you from the crowd around you in a unique and lasting way. 

Note from Tim:  This site is for those you are looking for a new tattoo designs. Saving you time and money with one eBook that has many designs in one place. Feel good about having this valuable resource and knowledge of all the designs to pick from.

Hey what's up...

My name is Tim B. Miller, Tattoo's are more popular than ever right now and people are always looking for another tattoo style to add to their bodies. 

I'm about to tell you a true story, If you believe me you will be rewarded. If you don't believe me I will make it worth your while to change your mind. Let me explain,  I remember when I was looking for a new tattoo design. 

I could not find nothing that I really like. I looked every where saw a lot of designs but I just could not make up my mind which one to use. 

"So I Began Collecting Many Styles Of All Kinds"

Flash designs with brilliant color to kick butt tribal designs, Celtic designs, Native American and it kept adding up more and more. 

Finally I said to myself "Wow"!  I got a lot of great art here.  So you're in for a treat I put it all together to help people who are looking for great tattoo designs

Make it a lot easier for you, all in one place. Man do I wish I had this around when I was getting my tattoo.

What finally happened was I found a great artist and told him what I wanted drawn and he drew it up for me. I like it so much I use it, he said no one has every taken his art and made it into a tattoo. But I didn't stop there I kept collecting more art to make several more books.

If you are ... (Check which one applies to you.)

Not finding the tattoo style you are looking for

Have some ideas of certain styles 
but don't know where to start

Wished someone would create and easier 
way to finds lots of tattoo designs

Looking for flash tattoo designs 
and tribal designs & more

"Do You Want To Find The Quickest And Easiest Way To Find Many Tattoo Designs Saving You Time And Money Plus Finding The Image Your After?"

Finally, there is a way to make finding a tattoo style easier for folks just like you. It's taken lots of research and many hours to put together but it was all worth it in the end!

"1032-Tattoo Designs eBook"  

  • Hundred and One pages long. 
  • PDF file can be viewed on PC and Macintosh.
  • The quickest and easiest way to find all kinds of styles
  • Lots of Tribal Designs to pick from 
  • Lots of Celtic Designs to pick from 
  • Cartoon Designs 
  • Traditional Designs 
  • How to get Native American Designs 
  • Animal Designs 
  • Oriental Designs
  • Black And White Designs
  • Butterflies Designs
  • Sun Tattoo Designs
  • Extra Flash Designs in all categories
  • All different images (no duplicates
  • Can be Printed out on paper
  • Time to get look you been wanting
  • Look sexier than ever
  • Be Coolest Cat On The Block

Almost anything you can think of is included in this eBook.  If you are a studio owner, or just someone looking for some inspiration - this eBook has exactly what you are looking for. The designs can be browsed on the eBook or printed to 8" X 11".

Listen to what other satisfied users of Tattoo Designs eBook are reporting back...Disclosure: These are typical experience and average results from our customers. 

"Your Book Was A GODSEND"

I am relatively new to the independent tattooist' lifestyle.... I had very little reference material to work with ... potential clients , though they were interested more in highly customized design work, were at a loss for reference material and/or photo references... your book was a GODSEND to my business' successful launch.... as the clientele continues to grow I have used your book more and more often for artistic reference as well as on one or more occasions having a client directly select a design straight from the book.... thanks again for a great resource!!


                                                                                   C. Larch
                                                                              (Tucson, AZ)

"I Got A Awesome Piece From The eBook!"

Yo Tim,

I got a awesome piece from the ebook, the tribal dragon with
green and white about 3 inches long except I made it all
black to make it look like a straight tribal. I will
send u a pic when it heals completely. thanx again

Dustin Peterson,  Beverly Massachusetts

"Excellent Source Of  Designs"

The tattoo e-book is an excellent source of designs
If you are thinking of getting a tattoo get the Tattoo 
E-book from Tim. Its well worth the cost! 

Michael Kerwin, Astoria Oregon 

100's of Attractive and Fashionable
Tattoo Designs Available for Instant Download!

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Instant Download, minutes away theirs a tattoo style waiting for you.

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Take Action Now I am giving this bonus to the first 50 people who take action as a reward  for  fast response. 

Be Cool and DoTattoos,

Tim B. Miller
Tattoo Enthusiast

P.S. Remember, there is absolutely no way that you can lose - except by not taking me up on a free 90-day examination of the 1032-Tattoo Designs eBook. If your friends don't accuse you of having the coolest tat around or... 

P.P.S. If you aren't happy with all the designs to pick from, I will refund your payment in full, Don't delay. A few samples below: 

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"There Is Something For Every One"

Hey Tim,

Thanks for the great work with your Tattoo Designs e-Book. I really enjoy all the art work. There is something for every one.

Thank you again,
Olga G
Clarksville, TN

Do you realize just how powerful this eBook is. Have you become aware of your growing desire to find that new tattoo design. You have Great! I knew you'd begin to understand the power in this time saving eBook.

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