New Book Reveals: How to Draw a Dog in a
Fun Step-by-Step Way!

This simple easy-to-read and picture guide will show to draw simple dogs, realistic dog, puppy all with a soft pencil.

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In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • How To Draw a Dog in Simple Easy Steps

    Beginners learn with easy steps for drawing your first dogs with pictures. Plus we will be looking at drawing a realistic dog.

  • How To Draw a Puppy

    Step by step drawing pictures for your first puppy. Draw what you see and practice your simple dog sketches.

  • How To Draw a German Shepard

    Learn my simple 7 steps for drawing the great German Shepard.  I also included for more fun is a simple Horse, Peppa the Pig and a Rose.  Plus my story, resources, tips and advice for beginners.

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Thanks Tim for a really fun and simple book on how to draw a dog.  I really enjoyed your extras you added too! When's your next one?

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

It was nice talking to you and seeing your artwork. Awesome job on your how to draw a dog guide, I will be passing it on to my kids. Thanks again!

Cindy Trout
Cindy Trout

Great guide on how to draw a dog! I love dogs and love to draw them. Worth the money if you're on the edge. Great beginners guide...thanks!

Jessica Baily
Jessica Baily
  • Extra Bonuses

    How To Choose a Dog
    How To Choose a Cat
    Caring for Your Dog
    Caring for your Cat
    Choosing a Pet
    And More…


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