How Tattoos Are Made

What Do You Think of? When You Think of Tattoos? How To Tattoo

Are you thinking of a very painful process? Are you a little timid with the whole idea?  It’s been known that many people will not even thinking of getting a tattoo or art on themselves thinking of the needles and the process involved.

To fully understand what’s involved when getting a tattoo means, the first step is to look at the human anatomy. Your skin is made up of two different layers; the dermis and the epidermis. The dermis is your deeper level of skin, some call it secondary layer. The epidermis is the 1st level of skin or the outer layer, this is the part we can touch and see.

When you watching your tattoo being done, what you’re watching is the ink being injected deep into the dermis layer. The epidermis will not work because of the amount of cells that shed every day otherwise shedding may occur and causing only a temporary effect.  Injecting into the dermis, the tattoo ink lasts a lifetime.

Since the very beginning the method of creating a tattoo has not really changed much. Believed the first tat designs were created using sharp pieces of bone stone age. Presently, tattoo needles inject the ink into your dermis layer of skin. Needles today can produce up to 30,000 punctures per minute.

The process called “Stippling” a series of dots are creates images of the designs. The more dots closer together will creates a more solid, darker effect and the more the dots are spread apart causing the image to become lighter or a shading effect.

The tattoo machine consists of 3 main parts:

  • An Ink Source
  • A Tube Connects
  • The Needles

Today most tattoo artist you disposable single needles. Tattoo safety is the up most important so sterilization is what required by law for body art. Needle always completely sterilized prior to being used and needles discarded after use.

YES! Pain is part of the tattooing experience but for some not as much.

After care is next thing to do after the tattooing process. Bandaging will be given, some bleeding may occur, keep your lotions for tattoos on you until all healed. Don’t itch if all possible because if you do you can get scratching and it looks like SHIT!

The main thing is have fun, and know you really want this body art because it’s with for life for most. Thing of like what do I want to show the world about my beliefs, what I do, what’s important to me, or the art that you love.  Also think about where you want to place your tattoo.

Do you want it to be hidden under certain clothes? I just talk to a 18 year today and he wants two small designs on his face and told him it’s for life make sure it’s what you really want, also for job placement etc.. He’s choice.

I hope that helps?

-Timothy B. Miller


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