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The ancient Celtic Art is full of interlacing patterns, elaborate knot work, spirals, animal forms and animal zoomorphic, and lots color.  
The early years Celtics displayed their art especially in metal... jewelry, weapons they were great warriors figurines and pots are some 
of the many artifacts that come to mind.


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Celtic Tattoos: Its History and Development

Celtic tattoos maybe quite popular among tattoo aficionados, but do they really know the history and the meaning of the symbols they choose? Most people choose the Celtic tattoo designs because of the intricate and also beautiful style. But in ancient times, those designs had meanings and they represented certain symbols in the Celtic society. How everything developed? How the symbols and designs manage to survive to this modern day? What's the beauty of the style?

Well, Celtic tattoos originated from the ancient Celtic time where the Celts were the main rules and inhabitants of the British Isle. Most people think that Celtic originally connected to Wales, Scotland, and Ireland only, but the British area was once occupied by these Celtic people. celtic tattoos

They were pagan worshippers and they mainly communicated with one another with symbols and drawings, rather than language well, that's what experts believe. Pagan worshippers mean that these people believed and worshiped their natural surroundings. They believed in the earth or wind God. They believed that nature was the main controller that determined their faith. That's why they made symbols to convey their fascination toward their surrounding.

For example, in Celtic tattoo design, Celtic tattoos knotwork is very popular. For Celts, the knotwork was the fundamental and basic element in their art life. Knot is considered as infinity symbol. It's the symbol of life and spiritual journey, as well as its interconnections with other things. Nowadays, people can see the various types, colors, and designs of the knotwork. But the knot itself is very crucial and important for the Celts.

Another popular symbol in Celtic tattoos is the spiral. It's believed to represent eternity and cosmos movements like planets movements or the atom nucleus ones. Not many people realize this, but spiral is an ancient symbol that has been around since Celtic period. The history to decorate one's body was also found during Celtic period where the warriors would adorn their body with various symbols. Not only had these symbols represented their bravery and victorious efforts, they also conveyed certain meanings. 

For instance, when the warriors managed to kill a certain enemy, they would mark themselves with the characteristic mark of their enemies, so their next opponents could see their achievements. It was like a killing list that they'd managed to do. Of course, it would make their opponents thought twice if they wanted to attack.

As civilization developed and new era and century started to appear, the Celtic culture and art started to go away especially since Christianity started to appear and spread. But somehow, the Celts heritage of such beautiful work still manages to survive. It's probably due to the fact that other ethnicity managed to adopt the symbols from the Celts period and mix it with their own; preserving the designs up till now. 

Not only the Celtic tattoos designs still survive up to now, they're also likeable and quite popular. Most of the designs are quite simple, yet it has this intricate quality and certain beauty in each of the design that makes the design very beautiful to look at. It's no wonder if tattoo aficionados relay like the knot design, the cross symbol, or the vines one. Most of the designs are available in black and white color pattern, but people can have certain colors if they want to.

If people are interested in getting this Celtic tattoos design, be sure that they choose the right artist who know what they're doing. Not all tattoo artists are qualified; in terms that they know the meaning of the symbols and the designs. Believe it; the design produced by the true artist who understands the true meaning of the tattoo will be different from the one who has no clue.

People can do these things before getting the tattoo:

- They can see the various example images from the portfolio of the artist.
- They should discuss the meaning and the importance of the design. If the artist really knows what they're doing, they should be able to explain everything.
- Discuss the tattoo procedures and steps too.
- Consider whether they want to have regular black and white design or the colorful ones. Some designs are better left simple and plain; while the others may look great when colors are added.
- Make sure the equipments are safe and sterile
If everything is set, they can start having the Celtic tattoos procedure and designing.




Jason Bellchamber shows you the six different steps in drawing a simple Celtic Triskele knot. This is the earliest instance from the Meigle Stone from Scotland back in the late 6th Century. This easy Pictish trillium knot is also found in the Book of Kells, plus the Book of Durrow.

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