This Info Is Invaluable! 

Tim, Got your ebooks and they have some good flash and info in them. Also they have many great links to other flash and info sites. I am just learning to do tattoos and need all the info I can get. For anyone looking to get a tat or learn to do them this info is invaluable!

Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work!
 Also great info I get from you newsletters
Scott Helm Shohenwald, Tn

Saturday 4:00 pm
From: Tim B. Miller
Re: "Ultimate Tattoo Package"

Dear Tattoo Enthusiast,

Are you looking for one tattoo package that has it all?  Well your search is over you have found the one package that will give you this and more. 

Just think about it a concise, info-packed manuals, you get the scoop on what to look out for, what to do ahead of time, what to expect and the process itself for getting a tattoo + many tattoo designs,  how to give a tattoo in 12 easy steps and much much more.

"In total you will get 10 eBooks plus bonus on different tattoo categories" 

Let's look at all 10 tattoo guides you will be getting...

"You and Your Tattoo"

This great ebook & audio book will teach you the vital things you just NEED to know if you're planning to get a tattoo.

The best part is that it comes in MP3 format as well so you can listen to it when driving, working out, cleaning your house, wherever and whenever you'd like!

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1:    The History of Tattoos
Chapter 2:    Information to Know Before Getting a Tattoo
Chapter 3:    Choosing Your Tattoo Parlor
Chapter 4:    The Cost of Tattoos
Chapter 5:    Pros and Cons of Tattoos
Chapter 6:    Tattoo Safety
Chapter 7:    Application Techniques of Tattoos
Chapter 8:    Minimizing the Pain of Tattoos
Chapter 9:    Picking Your Dream Design
Chapter 10:  Popular Tattoo Designs
Chapter 11:  Innovative Tribal Designs
Chapter 12:  Celtic Tattoos
Chapter 13:  The Meanings of Flower Tattoos
Chapter 14:  Free Tattoo Designs
Chapter 15:  Tongue Tattoos
Chapter 16:  Caring for a New Tattoo
Chapter 17:  Time and Tattoos
Chapter 18:  Things to Expect From Tattoo Removal
Chapter 19:  Tattoo Removal Options
Chapter 20:  Summary

"The Ultimate Got Ink Tattoo Book" 

To show you exactly what you can expect, here is the contents inside...

     Section #1 Getting A Tattoo

  • Does it hurt?

  • What about anesthetics?

  • Should I get a tattoo in the first place?

  • 'Why' do I want one?

  • Religious (Christian) arguments

  • A temporary alternative?

  • The decision process--making the big plunge: where  can I find a good artist, and what should I look for in a tattoo artist?

  • What images do you think of when you think of a tattoo?

  • What kind of colors can I get?

  • How to look around in the shop?

  • Asking to see their portfolio 

  • What to look for in their portfolio?

  • What kind of questions to ask?

  • What sorts of things to look for in a shop

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T: What to ask from artists?

  • Re tattoo shops insured?

  • How much does it cost to get a tattoo?

  • How should I act when I get in that chair?

  • Where on my body should I get a tattoo?

     Section #2 Sanitation 

  • Can I get infectious diseases from tattoo needles?

  • What to look for in a sanitary shop environment.

  • Can I get AIDS from tattooing?

  • Can my tattoos get infected?

  • How to look for sterilization

  • Are there any medical condition that will preclude me from getting a tattoo?

  • What is the Alliance of Professional Tattooists?

  • Should I get a vaccination shot against hepatitis?

     Section #3 Care of New Tattoos

  • General Advice from a Medical Doctor

  • Common Misconceptions with no basis in reality

  • What are some bad things for my new tattoo/

  • It is true that sun tanning to a considerable extent not only damages your skin but fades the tattoos?

  • How do I care for my new tattoo?

  • Minimal moisturizer method Ancient Art Tattoo, (Orlando, FLA)

  • Pat-With-Listerine Method From Tattoos Unlimited (London, Canada)

  • The Wait-24-Hours-To-Take-Off-Dressing Method From Joker's Wild (London, Canada)

  • The Coconut-Oil-Itch-Relief Method From Blue Dragon Tattoos (London, Canada)

  • The Huck Spalding Method From Huck Spalding's "Tattooing A To Z"

  • The Noxzema Method From Lance Bailey    

       Tattoo Designs Over 250 Ideas By Category

  • Alien Tattoos

  • Angel Tattoos

  • Animal Tattoos

  • Asian Tattoos

  • Butterfly Tattoos

  • Cartoon Tattoos

  • Celtic Tattoos

  • Clown Tattoos

  • Cross Tattoos

  • Demon Tattoos

  • Devil Tattoos

  • Dragon Tattoos

  • Fairy Tattoos

  • Flower Tattoos

  • Monster Tattoos

  • Native American Tattoos

  • Pinup Tattoos

  • Religious Tattoos

  • Skeleton Tattoos

  • Sun and Star Tattoos

  • Symbol Tattoos

      Bonus #1 Tribal Tattoo Designs

  • Over 150 Tribal Tattoos, Tribal Rings & Tribal Dragons

      Bonus #2 Japanese Characters 

  • Over 90 of The Most Popular Kanji Symbols With Meanings 

  "Tattoo Unlimited eBook "

Hundreds of tattoo designs to print out and use. You will find even more tattoo designs to help you even more! Things like...

  • Decorative Designs

  • More Tribal Designs

  • Floral Designs

  • Patriotic Designs

  • Zodiac Designs

  • Chinese Zodiac

  • Chinese Characters 

  • Assorted Flash

  • History of Tattoos

  • Choosing a Tattoo Parlor

  • Tattoo Safety Precautions 

  "Realistic Tattoo Designs" 

Are you looking for realistic tat designs?  Realistic Tattoo Designs eBook offers realistic and black & White tattoo designs to help you find the Tattoo Design that you may be looking for.  

More and more people are looking for realistic tattoo designs, so I decided to put together for you just that. 

Here is what you can expect from this 44 page book, categories like...

  • Realistic Designs 

  • Realistic Animal Designs

  • Realistic Camera Picture Designs

  • Black & White Variety Designs

  • A Few Flash Designs

  • Realistic Native American Designs 

  • And Much More

This 44 Page eBook Is A Huge Time Saver And A Great Resource For Finding Realistic Tattoo Designs  When You Need It!

"100's of Flash Tattoo Designs & More"

Quickly and easily, there is a way to make finding a tattoo style easier for folks just like you. It's taken lots of research and many hours to put together but it was all worth it in the end!

  • Hundred and One pages long. 

  • PDF file can be viewed on PC and Macintosh.

  • The quickest and easiest way to find all kinds of styles

  • Lots of Tribal Designs to pick from 

  • Lots of Celtic Designs to pick from 

  • Cartoon Designs 

  • Traditional Designs 

  • How to get Native American Designs 

  • Animal Designs 

  • Oriental Designs

  • Black And White Designs

  • Butterflies Designs

  • Sun Tattoo Designs

  • Extra Flash Designs in all categories

  • All different images (no duplicates

  • Can be Printed out on paper

  • Time to get look you been wanting

  • Look sexier than ever

  • Be Coolest Cat On The Block

Almost anything you can think of is included in this eBook.  If you are a studio owner, or just someone looking for some inspiration - this eBook has exactly what you are looking for. The designs can be browsed on the eBook or printed to 8" X 11".

"A Brief History of Tattoos"

This eBook explains the origins of the word tattoo and gives a brief history of how tattoos have changed over the last 12,000 years. Things like...

  • Introduction about tattoos

  • Terms related with tattoos

  • Tattoo history

  • The purpose of tattooing

  • Prevalence

  • Negative associations

  • Secular attitudes

  • Procedure 

  • Natural tattoos

  • Dyes and pigments

  • Studio hygiene

  • After care

  • Tattoo removal

  • Health risks

  • Infection

  • Allergic reactions 

  • Tattoo inks

  • Temporary tattoos 

"The Tattoo Resource Guide"

Are you finding your new tattoo designs?  Do you need to find a good tattoo artist?  
Or maybe you need to find a good source for tattoo supplies

And you may want to find how to get the education on being a great tattoo artist.  You might be looking for history and articles on tattoos and it's lifestyle. Just simple put all the things about the tattoo world.  Are you finding all of it..? if not, please listen up...

Here's an idea why not put all this information into one manual so anyone could quickly and easily find many different tattoo related information subjects in one place. All your research done for you...

As a result, many links taking you to different doors of tattoo businesses and free tattoo related sources.

Here is what you can expect from this 64 page Resource Book, categories like...

  • Tattoos  

  • Tattoo Lifestyle

  • Tattoo Meanings

  • Tribal Tattoo Meanings

  • Military Tattoos

  • Free Tattoo Designs

  • Tattoo Procedures

  • Tattoo Products

  • Tattoo Supplies

  • Tattoo Artists

  • Tattoo Articles

  • Tattoo Universities

  • And much more

"Learn How To Tattoo In 12 Easy Steps"

Here is a quick guide on how to give tattoos, if you are a beginner here is a great manual to help you get started. Let's look at the..

Table of Contents


Step 1-Understanding your Tools

Step 2: Learning the Tattoo Machine

Step 3: Understanding How to Properly Use Needles

Step 4: Learning about Tattoo Inks

Step 5: Getting Organized

Step 6: Working with Tattoo practice "skins"

Step 7: Preparing Yourself and the Client to Tattoo

Step 8: Making and Applying Tattoo Stencils

Step 9: Outlining

Step 10: Shadowing and Shading

Step 11: What You Need To Do After the Tattoo Session

Step 12: Setting up your Own Tattoo Shop



"First Tattoo Getting Inked"

Table of Contents:

  • Note from the Compiler 3

  • Distribution Notice 4

  • Photography Credits 5

  • Introduction 6

  • Picking out a Tattoo Studio 6

  • Choosing the Artist 8

  • Picking out the Right Image For You! 9

  • Common Types of Tattoos People Get 9

  • Some Examples 10

  • Tattoo Galleries and Resources for Your Perusal 11

  • Alas, Where to Put It 14

  • Is It Going to Cost Me An Arm and A Leg? 14

  • The Tattoo Process In A Nutshell 16

  • After Care 16

  • One Last Piece of Advice and Some Closing

  • Thoughts 17


"Dragon Power Ebook"

Are you looking for dragon tattoo designs?  Well if you are or wanting to add one or more to your body then you have found the right guide.  This guide is full of different kinds of dragon designs for your picking.  You can find what you are looking for without searching all over the net with this one manual. 

But, there's one more thing included in this ebook dragon related websites to help you find more designs and some history about dragons. Everything about dragons is what this manual is about. Fact is, if you are into these powerful creatures then you owe to yourself to check it out today!

  • Here is what you can expect from this 32 page ebook, categories like:

  • Flash Dragon Designs 

  • Black & White 

  • Chinese Designs

  • Tribal Designs

  • English Designs

  • Cute Dragon Designs

  • Colorful Designs

  • Full Of Spirit Dragons

  • Camera Pictures of Dragon Tattoos


and NO, I am not going to higher the price!

Fairies & Angles Tattoo Designs 

A Few Examples 

Religious Tattoos

A Few Examples 

Stars & Symbols Designs 

A Few Examples 

And now you know why this is the ultimate tattoo package everything you need in one place! So there is no surprises you know exactly what you will get it's all here ready for you. 

Finally, stop looking all over the net and get the tattoo information and designs that you need fast and easily with this one package. Leave it on your desktop for fast reverence when ever you need it. Never again will you have to spend so much time looking for your tattoo designs and tattoo resources again! 

Do you realize just how powerful this one tattoo package is?  Have you become aware of your growing desire to find the right design or the knowledge that you need. You have Great! I knew you'd begin to understand the power in this valuable package. 

And guess what? you can get this unique one of a kind package today with the Special  Bonuses for only $19.97... Act Now Find Your Tattoo Designs and More Today... Don't take my word for it listen to these satisfied customers..

Disclosure: These are typical experience and average results from our customers. 

"It Was Very Informative And Helpful!"

Tim, WOW, what can I say, the Ultimate Tattoo Ebooks were awesome. I've got several tattoos, but I learned a lot from this book. It tells you step by step, the ways of selecting the tattoo, all the way up to keeping it beautiful. 

It will really help people understand the importance of picking the tattoo that's right for them and taking care of it when they are done getting it. It was very informative and helpful. Plus all those GREAT designs I really enjoyed looking through all of them! Great Package!!

Amanda Wells Morley Missouri USA

                  "Well Worth The $20 Bucks!"

Hey Tim, Freaking great man I love all the designs in these package. Well put together and I learn a few things too. I thought it was well worth the $20 bucks! Hey dude let me know when you have more of these tattoo ebooks coming out. Be Cool

 Tyler Breckenridge  LA, CA

"Very Happy With The Contents Inside!"

Hi Tim, I just wanted to send you a quick note on your tattoo books. I was very happy with the contents inside! I did not release all the things about getting a tattoo, these guides really did help. 

I also want to thank you for the all the designs. I found an angel designs that I REALLY do like on page 47 I going to my tattoo artist with it. Thanks a lot Tim :)

Susie Allen  Manchester, TN

As I said, Ultimate Tattoo Package is the perfect package for anyone looking to get tattooed and wants to know what to expect, how to take care of the tattoo, plus find hundreds of designs and more.

Stop the hesitation – with these guides, you can educate yourself and then have many tattoo designs to pick from at the same time!

Let it help you before you go under the needle or help you if you want to be a tattoo artist or just get it simply for all the great designs to pick from. It's a no brainier this package has got it all! Get it today order right now. This is a discount special offer for a very limited time hit the Buy It Now Button now! Counting the bonuses there is 14 total!!


Regular Price $39.97 Today $19.97

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"Risk-Free 60 Days"

    "Examine it, try it, use it for a full 60 days without risk.


               These Tattoo Ebooks Were Amazing!

I think these tattoo ebooks were amazing! I like all the pictures even the ones I didn't think I would like. They are just so detailed and wonderful. The dragon tattoos were the best ones.  Yes indeed. Everything was just so awesome and so professional!  Thanks for everything Tim......"Be cool and Dotattoos"

Amanda Wells Morley Missouri, USA

                 "It Was Well Worth The Money!"

Hello Tim!

Thank you! I really like 'these' ebooks...especially the DragonPower one! Lots of great designs in there! It was well worth the money!

Rosanne Decoste
 North Bay, Ontario 

Be Cool and DoTattoos,

-Tim B. Miller
Tattoo Enthusiast

P.S. Remember, there is absolutely no way that you can lose - except by not taking me up on a free 90-day examination of the Best Tattoo Package On The Net. Or you can get buy them separately but why do that when you can have all of them at one low price! It's your choice...

P.P.S. If you break this down these 14 ebooks are only $1.75 a piece!  (Your Saving Lots of $'s) Why so cheap, simple to give you a great ROI. A GREAT Return On Your Investment!

P.P.P.S. The bottom line is, If you not happy with all the Information and Designs to pick from, I will refund your payment in full, New Tattoo Designs, tattoo supplies, what ever you need you can find it here...Don't delay this is a limited time offer now is the time click the Add to Cart below!

Regular Price $39.97 Today $19.97

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